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Hello, Assalamu Alaikum, Shalom—whatever takes your fancy! My name is Raihanaty A Jalil.
Thank you for your interest in following my work. Your support means a lot!

Wondering what you’ll get if you join Rai's Insiders? Here are some of the perks:
  • You'll be the first to be notified of new projects I am working on, book releases (poetry, fiction & non-fiction), special promotions and events I’ll be part of
  • You'll get other free stuff that only insiders get such as poems, short stories or deleted scenes that didn't make the final edit
  • You'll get the opportunity to be on my A-List and get free advance copies of my upcoming books (in exchange for honest reviews on Amazon/Goodreads/Apple Books etc, that help new readers find me)
  • You won't get spammed with a million emails (I truthfully won't have time to send that many emails while I'm trying to write another book!)
  • PLUS a free Story and Poem
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